Dr. Zeke Wallace

Dr. Zeke Wallace

Lead Investigator of PUDS on GHOST TREK

Dr. Zeke Wallace is the lead investigator on GHOST TREK. Zeke (the son of retired Staff Sargent Payne Wallace) hails from Madison, Wisconsin where he was once a chiropractor. After a few years at a Wellness Clinic in Madison but under mysterious circumstances, Zeke chose to pursue a career in fitness moving to New York City. Now he lives in "The Big Apple" with his girlfriend, Shawna Leibowitz, producer of GHOST TREK. Zeke and Shawna met at a gym he was managing in Brooklyn Heights, and the two became an item. Shawna was in development on a paranormal reality show, so she and Zeke co-founded the PARANORMAL UNDERWORLD DETECTIVE SOCIETY (PUDS) in 2007. Zeke has been fascinated with the paranormal since his teens when he had his first encounter from beyond the grave. Zeke was quoted in Specter Magazine to say,

"I remember it like it was yesterday. I was sleeping in my bedroom, and a voice woke me up. I opened my eyes and there she was... my girlfriend, Tiffany. I thought she had snuck in the window, like she usually does. She was at the foot of my bed, naked... but her breasts were glowing. And let me tell you, Tiff had nice, big, round breasts, you know, but perky. I didn't know if I should be frightened or turned on. I thought it was a dream at first. The next day I found out she had been drinking with her GFs the night before and was killed in an automobile accident. It was freaky. I really miss those breasts."

Zeke leads the Paranormal Underworld Detective Society into the third season of GHOST TREK with his boon companions from the gym, Barry "The Bomb" Burkowski, and Joey "Mayhem" Moscone, a couple of meat heads both from nearby New Jersey. Joey Mayhem and The Bomb possessed little paranormal research experience, but Zeke felt their knowledge of wrestling entertainment may come in handy. Zeke affectionately refers to them as "The Goon Squad."

Shawna Leibowitz

Shawna Leibowitz

Producer of GHOST TREK/ Managing Partner of PUDS, INC.

Shawna Leibowitz comes from a long line of family entertainers. Her grandparents, Ezra and Edith Leibowitz left post-war Germany as teens to become a popular Broadway dance duo during the McCarthy era. Unfortunately "Ez and Edie" were blackballed from performing after being found to have communist ties. Subsequently, the twinkle-toed pair hung themselves. Orphaned, Shawna's father, David Leibowitz, started as a copy boy and worked his way up through the ranks to become a successful television producer during the 1970's and early 1980's. Afterward, David Leibowitz was employed by several major studios but he wanted to get out on his own. His career in Hollywood came to an abrupt halt after going independent and co-producing the ill-fated Ishtar (starring Warren Beatty and Dustin Hoffman) noted as "the worst box office failure of all time." After losing everything, David became a Buddhist and is now part owner of a delicatessen in Queens, New York, called "Hello Dalai."

Determined to regain her family legacy, Shawna worked her way through NYU film School where she interned as a production assistant for a family associate, award-winning producer Harvey Goldman. Shawna seized the opportunity to pitch GHOST TREK to Harvey, who loved the idea but felt the need to have a young, good-looking lead for the show. Shawna had in mind, Zeke Wallace, her new boyfriend. The network picked up GHOST TREK, and now Harvey is the "Executive Producer" with Shawna as the production company's managing partner and producer.

In a recent, revealing interview with Specter Magazine, Shawna spoke candidly regarding her partnership with Zeke Wallace (after finding compromising photos of Zeke and an unknown female on www.empirecityvipz.com):

"Zeke Wallace has become an unmanageable douchebag. That pussy-hound bastard better pull his head out of his ass quick before I kick it even further up there. Then he'll need a 'real doctor' to surgically remove it. Can you believe that idiot leased a brand new Escalade on the company's credit? Ghost hunting in an Escalade? Are you kidding me? What was wrong with the Tahoe? On top of it, he traded in the Tahoe on a lease, and it was paid for! I swear right now, I could fucking kill him! There's not a jury in the world that would convict me."

Dr. Zeke Wallace wasn't available for comment.

Harvey Goldman � Executive Producer of <em>GHOST TREK</em>

Harvey Goldman

Executive Producer of GHOST TREK

Award-winning producer Harvey Goldman is no stranger to television. Working as a production assistant at sixteen under Dan Enright and Jack Barry on The Joker's Wild, then as personal assistant to Aaron Spelling during his Dynasty era, and a short stint in music management (The Plasmatics), Harvey is well known as a behind-the-scenes insider and puppeteer. In the 90's Harvey was responsible for developing shows like Friends (as an uncredited hired gun... syndication points are still in litigation) and the mega-hit Seinfeld. But after the success of MTV Network's Real World, Harvey felt he had witnessed the wave of the future, and began to develop reality shows. Some credit Harvey as solely responsible for changing the face of network television, referring to him as the "Norman Lear of Reality TV." To date, Harvey has produced such mega-hits as America's Top Runway Model, The Real Divorcees of Los Angeles County, The Deadliest Crab, Big Sister, Mr. Congeniality, Dancing with B-Movie Stars, Man vs. Wolf, Priceless Princess and of course his longest-running hit, American Pop Icon, rivaling Freemantle Media (American Idol) as the biggest reality show franchise in television history. But Harvey's latest feather in his hat is GHOST TREK.

Harvey was recently quoted in Variety to say,

"All these paranormal reality shows have jumped the shark. Ghost Hunters even had The Real Housewives of Atlanta on their show the other night. What where they thinking? No one wants to see some loud, shwartze housefrau screaming 'I'm scared all up in this muh-fuckah' like she's in the theatre watching Tales from the Hood."

The problem with our competitors is they don't know how to keep things fresh and exciting. But we do. Now, I may not have invented reality television, but I've perfected it. And GHOST TREK is my piece de r'�sistance. By combining concepts like The Hills and Entourage with Ghost Adventures we've created something very unique. But GHOST TREK is totally unscripted. That's the difference. Everyone involved is under constant surveillance. And we throw some hot chicks in there. Some club girls in tight skirts and long legs. I mean, think about it. Nerdy kids these days need occasional eye-candy to 'yank their wank' to while they're not playing video games. A bunch of knuckle-draggers with flashlights in old dusty houses faking paranormal evidence is old hat. And on GHOST TREK, we have real ghosts. I paid extra for that."

Joey Mayhem Moscone & Barry The Bomb Burkowski The Goon Squad on <em>GHOST TREK</em>

Joey "Mayhem" Moscone &
Barry "The Bomb" Burkowski

The Goon Squad on GHOST TREK

Aptly entitled, "The Goon Squad", Joey "Mayhem" Moscone and Barry "The Bomb" Burkowski hail from Trenton, New Jersey. These guys provide security for Dr. Zeke during his investigations, and are also his boon companions. Joey Mayhem and The Bomb are a pro-wrestling "tag team" who are considering moving over to mixed-martial-arts during these trying economic times. In a recent interview with wrestlemaniacs.com, Joey Mayhem and The Bomb set the record straight:

Joey Mayhem - "The UFC is the way to go these days, because people wanna see down into the nasal cavity of a man. They wanna see inside the bridge of a man's nose. They want blood. It's like the old days of the gladiators.

The Bomb - And after Vince McMahon didn't pay us, like, the last three times we wrestled, we were pretty pissed off. McMahon kept sayin', 'I'll get you next time. I'll make it up to you.' Then they denied Vince's credit card at the Motel 6 in Peoria, Illinois, and we had to pay for our own motel room. That was pretty much the death knell for us."

Joey Mayhem - Yeah, I mean, what an asshole. It ain't our fault that Vince's broke, and half-a-fag at that."

The Bomb - "Yeah, McMahon's a fruit. He came on to me one time when I was just starting out. Vince pulled me aside and said he wanted to take some pics of me in 'Ancient Greek wrestling poses'. So I looked it up. They used to wrestle naked, those Greeks. And they invented homosexuality."

When asked about their roles as members of the Paranormal Underworld Detective Society, both men perked up.

Joey Mayhem - "The Paranormal is a lot like wrestling, except you can't always see ghosts coming at you, like you can wrestlers."

The Bomb - "But when we do see these friggin' spook bastards, we kick the ever lovin' shit out of 'em; a haymaker right to their ghostly solar plexus. They're afraid of us, not the other way around. We're GHOST TREK's muscle. The meat and potatoes, baby."

Joey Mayhem - "You said it, brother. They don't call us 'The Goon Squad' for nothing."

The Bomb - "And the best thing is... the checks clear, which is always a plus."

'Scary' Carrie Carmichael

'Scary' Carrie Carmichael

Case Manager for GHOST TREK

Carrie Carmichael has been with GHOST TREK since late in 2007. At the time, Carrie was traveling in a Burlesque troop visiting New York City from Des Moines, Iowa. Falling in love with the energy of The City, Carrie decided to jump ship and go job hunting. Carrie answered an ad in the New York Times, calling for a case manager for an episodic paranormal TV series. Carrie had done similar work for a local show in Des Moines called U.S. Pickers (an antique hunters show) but she felt the concept was going nowhere. Now she is the case manager for GHOST TREK.

Carrie has gone through one metamorphosis after another during her tenure at PUDS, INC. First there was the Siouxsie and the Banshees look, then Betty Page, followed by Marilyn Manson (androgynous era), but now Carrie feels she's found her true identity, after seeing Drew Barrymore's film Whip it. Watching the film empowered Carrie somehow. Carmichael has now joined a roller derby team in New York, The Bronx Bombers, and she skates under the moniker, "Scary Carrie Carmichael".

Carrie was noted to say,

"I've been hearing rumors around the office that Harvey's going to make me a team member, I can't wait! It so exciting! And I know it's going to happen because Zeke's secretly crushing on me."

Although Scary Carrie has been with GHOST TREK for going on three seasons, Harvey Goldman, the show's Executive Producer, is hesitant about her theatrical outward appearance. Harvey informed Shawna the network's marketing department had chosen a new team member. Shawna reminded Harvey that Carrie was next in line. Harvey responded. "Geeks these days still secretly want to screw the prom queen, not Alice Cooper."

Shawna describes Carrie as "tenacious" and a "solid worker". Zeke was quoted to say, "Carrie does a great job, but I don't get the whole 'living-dead roller-girl' thing. Normal people don't want to see it. It's clowny. That 'goth' stuff is stupid to me, but I can't tell her. It's not up to me, anyway. I told here to talk to Harvey."

Guy Swisher

Guy Swisher

Psychic on GHOST TREK

World-renowned psychic, Guy Swisher, is the Southern, sassy clairvoyant for the Paranormal Underworld Detective Society. Raised by his grandmother, Abigail (who was a palm-reader and counselor to the wealthy, low-country 'Blue-Bloods' in Charleston, South Carolina), Swisher developed his "gift" at an early age, but suppressed it when the voices in his head became too overwhelming.

Upon Abigail's death, Guy moved to New York to pursue a career in fashion and to distract him from her passing. While there, Guy met psychic, John Edward, in a fetish store in Soho, where the two became fast friends. Edward counseled Swisher on how to channel his psychic abilities and develop his power from within.

Guy became immensely popular after appearing on Dr. Phil, and was recently described by The National Tattletale as the "New Psychic to the Stars" unseating Jeane Dixon, regularly reading for performers and actors such as: Liza Minnelli, Harry Hamlin, Elton John, Arsenio Hall, and Kings of Leon.

Guy also appears on another television program entitled, Psychic Brats (on A&B), where he counsels children who use their telepathic abilities to manipulate and abuse their parents, siblings, teachers, and classmates using mind control.

Of his tenure on Psychic Brats Swisher said,

"These children are insane. And mean as little rattlesnakes."

Of his experience as a member of the GHOST TREK team, Swisher recently said in an interview with Parade,


"I just love being one of the PUDS. We travel to all sorts of new places, and meet people. We go on really interestin' investigations. But that Zeke gets on my nerves. I think he even questions my psychic ability. Other than that, GHOST TREK is a lot of fun. Dare I say, it's Pudelicious! You know, I just might copyright that. Pudelicious. I'll charge 99 cents per download. Or t-shirts maybe in big letters like "FRANKIE SAYS RELAX". I'm so clever sometimes I tickle myself. Now that's scary! Somebody could make an entire show out of me ticklin' myself. Is there a restroom somewhere? Just thinking about it makes me have to pee."

Wheaton W. Weston III (Weasel)

Wheaton W. Weston III (Weasel)

Cameraman for GHOST TREK

Wheaton W. Weston, III, otherwise known as "Weasel" is the slightly disturbed, "emo" kleptomaniac cameraman for GHOST TREK. Weasel (a nickname due to his ferret-like features) is brooding, quirky, and a little strange. As a worker Weasel is usually punctual when he's not in the clinker for occasionally swiping stuff that doesn't belong to him. From an established New York family (his dad, Wheaton Sr. is one of the bigger corporate attorneys in Manhattan) Weasel has a little help to keep him out of trouble. Weasel has been with GHOST TREK since 2008.

George 'Robbie' Robertson and 'Ray-Ray' Wilcox

'Robbie' Robertson & 'Ray-Ray' Wilcox

Tech Specialists on GHOST TREK

Tech Specialists George 'Robbie' Robertson and Raymond 'Ray-Ray' Wilcox are the Paranormal Underworld Detective Society's "Tech Specialists". Robbie hails from Philadelphia and Ray-Ray from Ocean City. The two met at the University of Maryland, both majoring in broadcast journalism. They were also roomies and worked together part-time at Joystick, a popular video game store close to campus.

Robbie and Ray-Ray had similar interests. Both guys loved to do drugs, listen to metal, and as techies, had some experience designing video games and virtual porn. Both men were enterprising and resourceful. But Robbie and Ray-Ray were fired from Joystick for selling weed to gamers in store, and subsequently kicked out of U of M (partially due to Ray-Ray giving a Klonopin to the teenage daughter of the Dean). When the police found the girl passed out nude in Wilcox' bed (and Robbie taking pictures), in his defense Ray-Ray was quoted to say, "Hey, man. She told me she was fifteen!" according to the incident report. Robertson was arrested on similar charges.

After finishing their probationary period and simultaneously cut off from their parents, Robertson and Wilcox moved to New York. Living out of their van, Robbie and Ray-Ray enrolled in a night school program to finish out their degrees and worked as maintenance men in Zeke's apartment building. When Robbie and Ray-Ray rigged free satellite TV with all the premium channels for Dr. Wallace (using only aluminum foil and a wooden spoon) he hired them on the spot. Robbie and Ray-Ray have now been with GHOST TREK for two seasons.

Jules Partridge

Jules Partridge

'Investigator-in-Training' on GHOST TREK

As the "investigator-in-training", Jules Partridge was recently chosen as the newest "team member" by the Network marketing department unbeknownst to Shawna and the other GHOST TREK members. This blonde, bubbly newbie has created quite a stir in the PUDS office, and there's some serious animosity and resentment coming from Carrie Carmichael. Carrie recently said, "I was next in line to get some face time on the show! I've been here since the beginning. Who is this little tart all of a sudden? She thinks she can just waltz in here and take over? Look at her. I hate her. She's so... perfect, I could just scream! I need a Valium. Where's the goddamn Valium!"

Jules said of her recent hiring, "Harvey's office was so nice. They really treated me with respect. I know I'm young, but Harvey said he had the utmost faith in me. I'm so stoked to be the newest GHOST TREK team member!

Harvey was quoted to say, "We need a cutesy little 'blundeface' (Yiddish word for blonde young female gentile) for the geeks to cream in their jeans over. This girl is smart, eager, and All American. People don't want to see 'A Goth' like that woman who stuck her kid in the wood-chipper. Yeah, she was "A Goth". I saw it on Nancy Grace. Yes, a wood-chipper."

At nineteen, Jules just finished her degree in demonology. She was quoted to say, "I've always been fascinated by the occult. That's why I wanted to be on GHOST TREK. And what was really cool about getting my degree online was I could go to school in my pajamas!"

Svetlana Markovska

Svetlana Markovska


Mysterious model, Svetlana Markovska, was recently photographed at the BUTTER Nightclub by www.empirecityvipz.com in compromising pictures with Zeke Wallace, sending Shawna Leibowitz into a jealous rage. Since then, Shawna's kicked Zeke out of their apartment. "Slutlana" as Shawna refers to her, is a soft-core porn model, and supposedly one of Charlie Sheen's girls. There have also been rumors that Harvey Goldman hired Svetlana to drive a wedge between Zeke and Shawna to create drama for GHOST TREK. That fact is yet to be discovered. Goldman wasn't available for comment.

P.U.D.S. Team

The P.U.D.S. Team

This is the PARANORMAL UNDERWORLD DETECTIVE SOCIETY on GHOST TREK (from left to right): Guy Swisher, Ray-Ray Wilcox, Robbie Robertson, Jules Partridge, Dr. Zeke Wallace, Shawna Leibowitz, Barry 'The Bomb' Burkowski, Joey 'Mayhem' Moscone, and 'Scary' Carrie Carmichael.

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